How it works

Which Ambassadors we look for


Share on-the-ground insight about oil, gas and renewable energy sectors

IT Professionals

Share insight about the latest trends in your industry

Global Ambassadors

Whatever macro expertise you have, we make your insight valuable


Bad weather? Natural disasters? Share your insight about agriculture in your area

Consumer goods

Share insight about consumer trends

Who We Are

We started Grapedata™ with a vision to bridge the information gap between the financial industry and on the ground professionals.

Financial markets take time to process information in niche sectors and difficult to access locations. We realised that most of on the ground people have a piece of this information.

It could be an in-depth opinion about certain trends, or qualitative insight into certain products or services external to your organisation. When shared with the right timing, our platform aggregates your insight, along with others, to make it unique and usable for informed investment decision-making. We analyse where the gaps are in the markets, and given the high demand for this type of data from the financial world, our platform can monetise your knowledge quickly so that you can benefit from our reward system.

We are always looking for professionals in a variety of industries. If accepted, you’ll be part of a rapidly evolving project with short and long-term incentives.